Saturday, 26 March 2011

justin bieber : )

looks like i am in love with justin bieber. watch out justin's haters out there. i am here to protect you,jb. i have no idea how and why would i choose justin. but i think it is because of his hair. haha. his new hair is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! but maybe because of his talent. he is talented. for real! : )

Friday, 25 March 2011

capital k and capital a : )

oh my god! i adore this guy soooooo much. he is cute. he have a car. he is a senior. okay. enough. but i do adore him.  he is cute. looks like im gonna say that over and over and over again. btw,he is cute. haha : )

what a week! =..='

its been a very very very busy week for me. i have a lot of exams,assignments and tutorials. but i can do it! and its left me only 3 weeks approach to final. what the effff? final? okay. no time for you to play,esya. study! revise! study! revise! pffffffttttttt!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

exams =..='

okay.nobody enjoy having an an week gonna be a very very busy week.i have chemistry test,mathematics quiz,biology quiz and mathematics,on saturday i join larian sure next week im gonna be a zombie.pffft! =..=''

Friday, 11 March 2011

funny facts about me : )

1. i don't believe in motivational books
2. i don't have childhood friends cause my family and i travel a lot when i was a child
3. i kill bugs without any fear.
4. i trust people easily.
5. i forgive people easily.
6. i hate being bored.
7. i am talkative only with people i close to.
8. i am aiming for rich guy.
9. i love green.
10. i have no favourite bands,singers or actors.

just wanna know : )

why do people hate justin bieber so much?i just don't get it.he is talented,cute and nice.and for a record,i love him.i love his works,his songs and even his hair!just stop it guys.besides,he achieved a lot before.and even work with guys?those who talk bad things about him?nothing!n to the o to the t to the h to the i to the n to the g!period!besides,i am not saying this because i am one of his fans.i am not really his huge fan.but i am not also one of his haters.i am just saying this to stop all craps people had been talk about him.


lady,seriously you need to stop!stop saying you are in love.yeah.we got are in love.with a lot of guys everyday.go get yourself a blog or something.before i do anything extreme.just stop!okay okay.the limelight is all,we really really need a rest.from you!no stress. : )

esyaesyaesyaesyaesyaesya : )

i am esya.and i am strong!okay.i talk nonsense.ignore me!just wanna say i miss my biya.okay.biya.she is my sister!my only one sister.and i love her!it is actually the first time for me to say this out loud!i miss you biya! : )

Saturday, 5 March 2011

im short : (

                                                    i am short!!!!!!!!!!

i am nineteen this year.but i am still short.and its like ouchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! : /

me,again! gonna say this out loud.STOP POSTING ABOUT YOUR LOVE news feed are full with them.we all know you have a boyfriend.but you dont have to tell strangers about it,right?one more,you are acting like one of the unmatured change your boyfriend every week.again,every week!you are not megan fox.she is hot.she deserves it.but you?,last warning.stop! : )

introducing *drum lines ESYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay.introduction.i am esyaaaaaa!!its me,up there.okay.from now on,i am gonna talk about everything here.soo..,be ready!just ignore my grammar.i know they are sucks.but i still wanna post in english : )