Wednesday, 4 May 2011

touched! :')

i just finished read one of my friend's blog. she wrote about friendship. this makes me realise how important friendship are in our life. without our friends,we are nothing. i am not saying that when we have no friends,we will turn to dust or something. its just that we will never learn the value of life. as we can see friendship teach us a lot of things that we cannot learn by reading textbooks or listen to song. if we really want to know what friendship is all about,we have to experience them by ourselves. there are differences between friends and bestfriends. but who cares? they are still our friends. those people are people who can accept us for who we are. unless there are some people who are pretend to be someone else in front of their friends. for example,pretend to be rich. pretend to be nice. pretend to be anything laaa. that is awful. remember,F and F. family and friends :)