Friday, 13 May 2011

what i think.

guys. wear that thingy called braces,also spectacles,and plain t-shirt. play guitar for an extra. take this seriously. and not to wear any accessories such as necklace or bracelet. you guys are not born to wear that stuff. and also use perfume. when you are smelly,that cute face just don't worth it honey. wear converse. sandals are all right but that thingy did not buy you an attention. the truth. and never ever show off your boxer.big no is not hot,sweetheart. it is ewwwwwww. never wear leather skinny if you are curvy. i am not saying fat. it is just they are belong to the same group. don't use gel or wax to your hair. messy will be just fine. another big no no. don't wear sleeveless shirt. you will look like a body builder then. and no one get attracted to body builder. not to wear big big big belt. you are not models. with hoodie,you will look awesome. follow my tips,guys then i am yours. haha. kidding. :)