Friday, 13 May 2011

what i think.

guys. wear that thingy called braces,also spectacles,and plain t-shirt. play guitar for an extra. take this seriously. and not to wear any accessories such as necklace or bracelet. you guys are not born to wear that stuff. and also use perfume. when you are smelly,that cute face just don't worth it honey. wear converse. sandals are all right but that thingy did not buy you an attention. the truth. and never ever show off your boxer.big no is not hot,sweetheart. it is ewwwwwww. never wear leather skinny if you are curvy. i am not saying fat. it is just they are belong to the same group. don't use gel or wax to your hair. messy will be just fine. another big no no. don't wear sleeveless shirt. you will look like a body builder then. and no one get attracted to body builder. not to wear big big big belt. you are not models. with hoodie,you will look awesome. follow my tips,guys then i am yours. haha. kidding. :)

cute :)

this young boy is so cute. his name is alex. and he is 13. yeah yeah i know he is young. but his cuteness cant stop some of his photos.

see? more :)

okay. this one when he was. i dont know but small.

 more more more :)

this is my fav :) cause we have the same phone! *i use my dad's phone act =..='

 whatever guys but he is cute :)

Friday, 6 May 2011

pffft! =..='

i hate it when people talk bad about me behind my back. man,i wish i can just punch that maniac on their face! and you dont have to pretend like you have nothing to do with all this mess. if you are really that tough,you would say it in front of my face. if you dare. but i guess you are such a coward. i know you have no confidence of telling people the truth. but how come you have the confidence to tell people about other people's mistakes? i have done my research and i found out that you are a fake! you are tottaly made in china. confirmed! now,serious talking. stop talking bad about me and spread rumours about my friends and i. shoo shoo,sissy! gracias! :)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

touched! :')

i just finished read one of my friend's blog. she wrote about friendship. this makes me realise how important friendship are in our life. without our friends,we are nothing. i am not saying that when we have no friends,we will turn to dust or something. its just that we will never learn the value of life. as we can see friendship teach us a lot of things that we cannot learn by reading textbooks or listen to song. if we really want to know what friendship is all about,we have to experience them by ourselves. there are differences between friends and bestfriends. but who cares? they are still our friends. those people are people who can accept us for who we are. unless there are some people who are pretend to be someone else in front of their friends. for example,pretend to be rich. pretend to be nice. pretend to be anything laaa. that is awful. remember,F and F. family and friends :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011


there is nothing special about this sem break. i am sure it is going to be a very very boring month. and,i am sooooo sad because i will never had a chance to meet my K.A. cause last sem would be his final year. okay. this is sad. :( but thats okay. i will find someone new. i am sure.haha * perei*

Saturday, 23 April 2011

i just hate it =..='

while i was on my facebook. there was a girl who suddenly chatted with me and asked me if i am a real lesbian. hello? i am straight,okay? yeah. i am close to my biya (my younger sister) and my other cousins. we are extremely close and people might think that we are lesbian. what if i am a real lesbo? you wanna try me? naaaaaahhhh. gracias. if i am a lesbo,i'll find someone hotter than you. p/s: i love guys. gracias. : )

when i get bored : )

                                            when i am bored,this is what i do.its me and my biya : )